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Should Anthro Pony Clothes Have Their Cutie Marks sewn on them? 

94 deviants said Maybe just on special occasion clothes
53 deviants said Yes
14 deviants said No


[Smurfs] Hearing Feelings

“You could hear us talking to you?“, Hefty wondered aloud.

Smurfette shrugged. “I don’t think you were actually…talking. It’s like I could, I don’t know, feel you? Your feelings and wishes? Something like that.”

“Huh.” Hefty went nervously silent. “Seriously?”

Smurfette giggled. “There were a lot of voices, I could hear all of you at once and one at a time, at the same time. It was weird.”

“I’d suspect so.”

“And amazing. And terrifying,”, She grimaced. “Becoming a lump of clay isn’t the best feeling in the world.”

Hefty frowned. “Do you remember anything?”, He asked.

Smurfette inspected the flower thoughtfully.

“I remember a lot actually.” She looked up at the other smurf. “What everyone felt at that moment.”

When their eyes met, Hefty’s heart did a running jump into his throat, like someone had punched him in the neck, it was hard to breathe.  “I…”

“We miss you, Smurfette.”, Smurfette whispered, breathing in the sweet scent of the flower.

Everyone admitted they cared, of course they did, she’s the best! Hefty could exhale again… until he saw the soft blush overtake her beautiful smiling face.

“And you said, ‘I love you, Smurfette.’

- - - - - 

My idea of an exchange they had at some point after the movie. I swear if I draw more smurfs it won't just be these two.

[Smurfs]Arrow'd Heart
Oh Geeze I'm still in a smurfy mood~

One morning, Hefty woke up, looked at his mirror, and noticed his tattoo. There was an arrow through the heart. Weird.

How did it change? Is it the magic of love? Is his tattoo a cutie mark?

Is this ship called Heftette?

Smurfette’s smurfy dress is based on This Hobbit concept art design.

Some Smurfs sketches

Immensely ugly sketches of smurfs. I wanted to try my hand at drawing them since I saw The Lost Village last week. It’s a pretty good movie aside from a few missteps. I wouldn’t mind getting a sequel.  I tried “redesigning” them, mostly giving male smurfs hair and different clothing. They are dressed more like traditional gnomes with some alterations for certain characters to show off personality. So far I’ve drawn Smurfette, Hefty, Clumsy,Handy and Brainy. 

Clumsy is wearing what would be considered the generic “every smurf” look. 

Smurfette is wearing a Dress-Vest, she can wear her nicer white dress under it if she wants, but now she can garden, plant, hike, adventure, and whatever else with more reasonable but still feminine clothing. I kind of remember her never wanting to get her dress dirty which would be hard to do living in the woods, this is my attempt to fix that.  I know the movie tries to explain what Smurfette’s purpose is but I just see her being a botanist or something.

Brainy’s outfit is mostly the same as Clumsy's but he has like a side pouch just for carrying a book with him everywhere he goes. He might also just lug around a back pack full of books if he thinks its necessary (spoilers:  it isn’t necessary). He is also the lankiest smurf. I’m playing slightly with body shape variety.

Handy is wearing the generic smurf outfit with a workers apron over it.

Hefty goes around shirtless because he is a show off. Well he has a vest but it’s not covering much.

And then the last picture I drew is my smurfy ‘OTP’. Yes I ship it hard. Hefty is rescuing Smurfette from some unseen danger but they still seem to be in a perilous predicament. Smurfette’s expression was fun to draw. She can’t make up her mind what to focus on. The danger or the fact that Hefty is groping her bottom pretty firmly right now.

[Comm] Rosy for MeanLucario
A commission for :iconmeanlucario:'s character Rosy! A female diamond dog adopted by Applejack. She is so mean looking she paints fake eyelashes onto her face just to let ponies know she is indeed female.

My commission prices


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